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Well, this phone's pretty much died too. Aside from the whole 'not contactable by phone' thing, that means four more long and boring bus rides this week. :-/
By the way, could people who are still planning to come to gonzohistory's birthday thing next Sunday please let us know? We have spent money on hiring the room for everyone, so if nobody's going to show up, that will go to waste and obviously we'd prefer not to.


Yay, I have a phone again, thanks to slick_mink!

Unfortunately, between his old messages and whatever people sent while I was phoneless, it left the poor thing completely clogged so I needed to just delete everything without being able to read them. Therefore, if you sent me a text within the last month, I didn't get it. If it was important, please send it again.

Similarly, it has his contacts' numbers saved on it, and not mine. Please feel free to text me your number and name if you would like me to have your details. My number is the same.


* I got a new job! I am completely excited about it. It starts Tuesday.
* jholloway is doing a bit more work these days too.
* I have lost a little weight. (I hope to lose more.) It's been a while.
* I have a karaoke machine again! I have yet to use it, but thanks to slick_mink it's set up correctly and works.

Good day gone bad.

My laptop died a few weeks ago, which was fixable for free (yay) but means everything I had on it has gone away again.

I lost all the music people gave me, all my character sheets, all my ANC stuff...(although much of that is salvageable by email, at least).

I am no longer happy.

The rest of the questions, all in one.

Someone who fascinates me and why.
Me. Because I’m self-absorbed.

What kind of person attracts me.
Boys. Usually tall, broad-shouldered, and dark. Always smart, always nerdy, usually confident or appearing confident.

A problem that I have had.
I have a lot of problems, let’s be honest. I think my temper is a problem that I have had, but which is getting better. I’m not completely without one or anything these days (and when I lose it, jholloway says it’s not better). So…I guess that’s the answer to that question.

Something that I miss.
My family.

Goals for the next 30 days.
Pretty much what it says here.

My highs and lows of this month.
High: Moving and settling in.
Low: An extremely lame anxiety attack for now real reason.

A few more.

How have I changed in the past 2 years?
I've gotten fatter, sadly. Older, obviously. Wiser, maybe. I think I'm happier overall than I was.

Give pictures of 5 girls/boys who are famous who I find attractive.
Colin Firth
Paul Rudd
Seth Rogen
Brendan Fraser (even though he has long hair in this picture)
Johnny Depp

My favourite movie and what it’s about.
Enchanted is about a Disney princess in New York City. I love it for the way it manages to both be a movie about a Disney princess and make fun of movies about Disney princesses.
Disrespecting my parents.
I did this a lot growing up; I was an awful child. Uh...I'm not sure what more there is to say.

How important I think education is.
Very - although I think how much depends on the individual. Still, I think it should be available for everyone.

One of my favourite shows.
Pushing Daisies. <3 How I miss it!

A couple more.

My highs and lows of this past year:

Highs: moving in to the new place, getting my current job, going to Berlin – all were fantastic.
Lows: watching my friends suffer through hard times, especially at the end of last year. I think for the most part things are getting better for people, but it's nicer when the people I care about are happy. Oddly, while last year was hard, in hindsight it's difficult to look back and pick specific instances as low points.

My beliefs:

This question is way too broad, and anyway I am not generally comfortable discussing my beliefs on hot-button topics. So, pass.

Three at a time.

My earliest memory:

I have a couple from around when I was 3, and I’m not sure which of them came first. One is just a vague one of playing with our dog Nicky and having her lick me. One is being babysat by the daughter of the woman that lived sort of across from us, and trying to use some lipstick. I remember the smell and colour of the makeup quite vividly, and can picture my surroundings if I concentrate.

My favourite LJers:

bestblogthereis is dormant but hilarious. thrifthorror is good for making people cry (one of my favourite pastimes).

My views on mainstream music:

I find the choice of what is "mainstream" and what is not somewhat confusing. I think popular music can be bland and insipid, but it can also be quite good. It depends on the song. So, in conclusion, I don’t understand the question.